Philadelphia & Tattoo Expos across the USA


Philadelphia & Tattoo Expos across the USA




Kristel Oreto views the world through rose colored glasses. She loves street art, cute animals, and pop culture--but she also enjoys the darker side of things. She started tattooing in 2000. While traveling the country tattooing, Kristel landed in Philadelphia, fell in love with the city, and relocated here in 2011.

Kristel is known for her bright, colorful, and fully saturated tattoos with bold lines, and has an eagerness to take on difficult cover up projects. Let Kristel’s vivid imagination run wild with your ideas or give her a challenge of covering up an existing tattoo. Cute or creepy, in either case you are guaranteed a unique piece of personal art you will be sure to love. 



Philly Expo - Feb 9-11 

Detroit Expo - March 3-5 

Atlanta Expo - March 16-18 

Chicago Expo - March 23-25 

All American NC Expo - April 13-15 

No Limits NYC Expo - April 20 - 22

Baltimore Expo - May 4-6 -

Houston Expo- May 18-20 -

Kansas City Expo - May 25-27 -

St Pete FL Guest Spot - June 7-9 - 

Long Island NY Expo - June 29- July 1

Tampa Expo- Oct 12-14 -

Charollete NC Expo - Oct 26-28 -

Miami Expo- Nov 10-12 -

No upcoming events.


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